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Educational Assistance Contribution


Are you willing to make a donation to support the YGB Entrepreneurial Awards Educational Assistance Program?

The Young, Gifted & Black Entrepreneurial Awards is a registered and approved IRS Tax Exempt 501 c(3) non-profit organizations providing educational assistance to students towards tuition, books and/or lodging, small business, entrepreneurs, community base entities and
qualified special programs through contributions.  This is accomplished by revenue generated from the YGB Entrepreneurial Awards and direct donations by supporters. 

MAKE A DONATION by scanning any of the QR Codes below or click on a image which takes you to the respective site  for payments to our Business Accounts


If you would like to join our list of charitable organizations, please submit a request to get our fiscal partnership agreement, send an email  to or call (347) 875-7601 to discuss fiscal charitable participation requirements.

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