Educational Assistance Contribution


Are you willing to make a donation to support the YGB Entrepreneurial Awards Educational Assistance Program?

The Young, Gifted & Black Entrepreneurial Awards has created strategic partnerships with charitable certified 501 c(3) organizations to provide educational assistance to students through contributions. Our goal is to provide help towards tuition, books and/or lodging for students in need. This is accomplished by revenue generated from the YGB Entrepreneurial Awards and direct donations by supporters. 

Disclaimer: The Young, Gifted & Black (YGB) Entrepreneurial Program is not a registered 501 c(3) charity. This is a program owned by The NetLinkz Group, Inc which supports charitable organizations by creating fiscal partnerships or provide an outlet for an organization to receive direct donations.

Click the MAKE A DONATION  button below to view & support our current list of charitable organizations.  By pressing Tickets on our Eventbrite donation page the list of charities are displayed.

If you would like to join our list of charitable organizations, please submit a request to get our fiscal partnership agreement, send an email  to ygbawards@gmail.com or call (347) 559-4942 (4YGB) to discuss fiscal charitable participation requirements.

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