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  • Biography: A personal biography outlining the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN & WHY

  • Head Shots: Color or Black/White picture or company logo 

  • Musical Selection:  A song to be played entering and exiting the stage 

  • Company Logos and Pictures for Presentation: Please provide personal pictures, brand(s)/product(s) images to be shown as a video montage during your introduction.

Success! Message received.

Disclosure: There is NO FEE or CHARGE to receive this award. Any and all financial contributions are done on a voluntary basis.


Fill out the nomination form with a short description as to why your person should be given this honor. Include your nominee's contact information such as their  phone, email and home/business address.


The YGB Entrepreneurial Awards nomination process has always been a simple.  It's a Peer-To-Peer acknowledgment of the nominees Continued Pursuit of Success by the looking at the persons path taken as they strive for success through hard work and determination.  


The individual(s) making the nomination must have some type of personal connection with the nominee whether as a friend, business aquaintance or associate.  

Requirements If Chosen As An Honoree:

  • Must be available and present in person to receive the award

  • If unable to attend the program you will NOT receive the award

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