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On Behalf of Our Honorees, Sponsors & Business Partners The Following Product & Services are being marketed to our network.  Some of these services may offer product discounts, special pricing and incentives.  Click on a image or link to view more details on offering. 

Disclosure: All product and services being offered by are not affiliated with the YOUNG, GIFTED, & BLACK™ ENTREPRENEURIAL AWARDS, INC.  Payment for a service or product does not entitle the buyer to receive a tax exemption by our Non-Profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. It is also the sole responsibility of the seller to provide fulfillment of the services or products advertised, therefore, the buyer must deal directly with the seller offering the product or service.

Congratulations To Our Triumphant Women 

Jamaica Independence Foundation, Inc Presents...
The Official People's Ball...Celebrating Jamaica's 61st Independence

Now What: 12 Strategies to Landing The Career You'll Love, Not Tolerate

Launches April 11th. Click pre-order link now!

Christeen Francis Presents...

Vacationing with Purpose

Vacationing With Purpose

Vacationing With Purpose

Vacationing With Purpose